Who we are and what we do.

Flatland is a creative studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. We create exceptional motion graphics and videos for any business, organization, band, or individual with an idea they want to put in motion. We understand how to use great design and production value to communicate in the most effective and elegant manner possible. Using the best technology and equipment available, we blend artistic experience and technical skill to create meaningful, visually stunning projects.

At Flatland, every frame matters. We take pride in each new project and create work that is not only effective for our clients, but that reflects our passion and integrity as artists.

We Create Motion Graphics.

Our specialty. From concept to screen, we combine our experience in animation, illustration, typography, graphic design, photography, and video to create diverse and exciting motion graphics for any purpose. If it moves, we'll get it done.

We Create Videos.

Directing, cinematography, editing, color correction, visual effects and more. We cover all the bases of HD video production, and whether your project is an interview, music video, commercial or multi-camera live performance, Flatland can make it happen.

services we offer
Motion Graphics, Animation & Visual Effects
Video Production, Editing & Color Correction
Logo Design & Branding
Music Composition & Sound Design

Jack Lykins
Jack Lykins
Founder, Creative Director
Hunter Thomson
Hunter Thomson
Founder, Creative Director